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Searching for a Results-Oriented, Transformational Speaker to help your audience buy into your VISION or develop their own?  In need of practical, achievable wellness information to enhance the lives of your audience so that they can detox, increase their energy, and create a lifestyle of wellness?  Get ready for Transformational Speaker, Dr.Toni Hatton, Your Vision & Mindset Expert! 

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Have you ever read books, listened to CD's, attended seminar after seminar, gathered all of the information that you think that you need, and still haven't applied it? Are you tired of going around in circles and self-sabotaging your own efforts? Do you lack the motivation necessary to be consistent? You can accomplish more in 5 days with mentoring and support than you can in 5 years, trying to manifest your vision alone!

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Hi Dr.Toni,

I had no idea that you had been through something like that. Wow! I was very touched by your story. I cannot even imagine how difficult those first few years would've been with what your son went through. Only God can walk you through that kind of thing. I love reading people's stories and hearing about their faith walk. Yours truly inspired me!

Thanks, Margaret

divider-line-goldDr.Toni is someone I proudly call friend...dearest friend and confidant. From the moment I met her, I was drawn to her. She represents to me a strong and powerful woman of God! I believe this book is from the innermost deepest part of her being. She poured her soul into the pages of this book. Her very life is contained within this book which is why we can only be healed, delivered, set free, encouraged, and built-up. This book is a testimony to what God has done and can do again for you and me.

What you read about Kevin is already a miracle and to see the self-sufficient young man he has become is another miracle. His life has been one of miracles and he has more to come his way. God is preparing him for greater things!
May God bless every page, every book, and every reader who opens it and enters into these lives. As Dr.Toni has said, "Don't Be Afraid". As He has prepared Dr.Toni, He will prepare you too through her experiences.

Gratefully submitted by:
Rosetta Thompson
CEO The Wedding Library and Cafe

divider-line-gold"Don't Be Afraid: He's Preparing You!" is truly inspiring. It transforms your perspective of those who are visually impaired. Little Kevin's life proves that blindness is just an inconvenience as you travel through his life from a baby to a strong young man. Dr.Toni takes you through her journey of motherhood: The seasons and trials of a young wife and mother to a mature and virtuous woman of God. You will see the new world that God introduces to her through her son, Little Kevin. It tells how God blessed her with so much support through family and friends. This book illustrates that whatever we go through, if we just let go and open our lives for his will, He will blow our minds with a world filled with people who will make a major impact in our lives. As this book is titled, God is preparing us for our divine purpose.

Be Blessed,
Lydia Rugh


Dr.Toni Hatton's book, "Don't Be Afraid: He's Preparing You!", has been a true inspiration. I felt her fear and pain, as one mother to another. Then I realized how God truly made a miracle happen out of a tragic situation. God gave her hope and determination and she persevered. God never left her side. He gave her the strength to go on. As I read her book I could feel the Lords presence in her life. " I will never leave you nor forsake you." Hebrews 13:5

Rose Willson
Fort Meade, MD


I just wanted to let you know that I read your book and really enjoyed it! I could not put it down until I was done. You've talked about having a blind son, but never fully in detail. I commend you on sharing your courageous journey. I know that I don't know what I would have done if I was in your shoes. You have shown me that with perseverance, you can survive! You are a great encourager and have shown people that with the right attitude, you don't have to give up on life. Kevin is a great warrior! Keep up the good work!

Natrell Darden

Dr.Toni Hatton,

Wow, what a wonderful expression of your undying faith and love for Christ. I started reading this book last evening and finished today. It was hard for me to put it down. I just wanted to keep reading. Your words really touched my heart and I am encouraged by your incredible faith. I could feel the beauty of your spirit when I first met you, but to read your words just confirmed what a great woman of God you really are. As I face the challenge of Juvenile Diabetes with my own son, your book made me want to push him to even higher heights. For that I thank you. As I read the book I was most touched by the little girl who made sure there were beeping eggs at her party for Lil' Kevin. What a great gesture of caring and friendship. That brought tears to my eyes, it was just so precious. I look forward to seeing more from you because I know you have so much more to share with the world. May God Continue to Bless you Abundantly

Ms. Kimmoly Rice
President & CEO
Life Institute For Excellence, LLC

I could not put Dr.Toni's book down! I read it in two days. Her faith, strength, patience, fortitude, are simply amazing! Don't Be Afraid: He's Preparing You! reveals the epitome of a mother's love and the guidance of a loving God. This book has left an indelible mark on my life. Kevin's story has fueled me to reach my goals with no excuses. Dr.Toni paves the way for us to become more resourceful, inquisitive, and thankful each day. This book deserves more than one read!

Bernice Coles,
Bernice Coles Unlimited, LLC

It was my pleasure to read this book! Initially, I was skeptical, thinking that it would be like other books I've read. After a few chapters, I began to understand so much! Tears flowed from my eyes as I read about Dr.Toni's struggle and her great faith. This book has taught me that the struggle is nothing but a test preparing me for the testimony! This heart felt, spirit filled book made me look at myself and examine how I am going through the struggle and taught me how to go through the struggle. Dr.Toni really breaks down her struggle for readers and makes it very plain. With each page, I could feel her pain and understood why God put her through. This book was a great blessing and Godsend.

Thanks for unveiling!
Chevella Wilson Kennion


"I have had the wonderful opportunity along with my church congregation to be thoroughly inspired by words of encouragement and enthusiam by Dr.Toni Hatton. Her passion is always displayed and the love that she shares with all that know her is truly a gift. Thank you Dr.Toni for blessing me!"

Lady Joyce Freeman
Senior Pastor & Founder
El' Shaddai Worship Ctr COJC


I have been inspired by Dr.Toni Hatton in several ways! I was first introduced to Dr.Toni about three years ago and I remember that she was a very attractive lady. However, her attractiveness was not just physical but she had the personality to go along with it. I found out that she was a published writer, singer, wife and mother. I admire Dr.Toni because she is like a quiet storm. She does not make a big deal about things she is involved in but, she is accomplished and does a lot. I have watched her over the past three years and I am encouraged by her ability to remain focused on her tasks. When I am tempted to make excuses about not having enough time to do things because of my kids, I stop and remember that Dr.Toni has four children and one without sight. Yet, she home schools and continues to publish, sing, promote healthy living and constantly posts on her website. I must also say that she responds well to criticism and keeps on moving. I admire Dr.Toni's style, her quiet demeanor and her ability to stay on task. She is not only a mover but a shaker as well. I will continue to be encouraged by her and wish her all of God's best........


Grace Wiggins
Sisters With Dreams


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