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Searching for a Results-Oriented, Transformational Speaker to help your audience buy into your VISION or develop their own?  In need of practical, achievable wellness information to enhance the lives of your audience so that they can detox, increase their energy, and create a lifestyle of wellness?  Get ready for Transformational Speaker, Dr.Toni Hatton, Your Vision & Mindset Expert! 

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Have you ever read books, listened to CD's, attended seminar after seminar, gathered all of the information that you think that you need, and still haven't applied it? Are you tired of going around in circles and self-sabotaging your own efforts? Do you lack the motivation necessary to be consistent? You can accomplish more in 5 days with mentoring and support than you can in 5 years, trying to manifest your vision alone!

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Calling All Creative, Passionate, Driven, Determined, Truth Seekers, Visionairies, Leaders,  & First-Generation Wealth Builders Who Are Ready to Clarify their Goals, Take Action, & Go Further/Faster!!   
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 Attractive Thinker VIP Strategy Session

Your Book Matters!  Write It or Be Written!


Great Day, Attractive Thinker!  

     Congratulations  for making it to this page!  I know you've had quite a journey but I want you to remember that everything that you've experienced this far in life has led you to this page! Attractive Thinker, this is Your Defining Moment! A defining moment is something out of the norm, something that causes an interruption in your day, captures your attention, and makes you stop and take notice.  After you recognize it as something out of the ordinary, you begin to get closer, look harder, read more, and listen more deeply. Then you get a gut feeling!  Chills come over your body!  Something hits you on a deeper level and you're compelled to take action.  I celebrate you Attractive Thinker, your life has begun to shift to the next level!

Here at The Attractive Thinker, LLC, we use a wholistic approach to redefining who you are, reinventing yourself, and growing your life and business ideas via revolutionary mental tools that uproot faulty beliefs, upgrade the mindset, and align your new behaviour with your new life & business goals! 

These mental tools provide mental healing, mental strength, and mindset maintenance that ends the cycle of:

  • believing in your dream and not believing in your dream!
  • starting to write your book and stopping before you even get started!
  • talking yourself into and out of taking action !
  • being diligent, and then procrastinating!
  • getting focused and then getting distracted!
  • working on your vision and leaving it incomplete on the shelf!
  • carving out time to focus on YOU, and then feeling guilty!
  • believing that you can create your ideas, then allowing doubt to choke your dreams!
  • knowing that you can have and thrive in your own business, yet self-sabotaging it at the same time!
  • getting excited about your life & business, then getting depressed!
  • receiving information, yet not sure how to implement it!
  • getting connected to coaches, programs, and support, and then disconnecting!
  • working harder & not smarter!
  • making progress in your business, then allowing the cares of life to stop you!
  • feeling courageous, yet lack the courage to follow up with a client!
  • desiring to make money in your business, yet afraid to charge what you're worth!
  • having alot of solutions for the marketplace, yet struggle with how to organize them and package them!
  • supporting others, yet lacking support for yourself!
  • knowing that you are an entrepreneur, yet struggle to believe that you can be successful in business!
  • being ready to redesign your life, yet afraid of change!
  • ready to take action, yet don't know where to start !
  • feeling inadequate, not sure, & lacking confidence !
  • repetitively attracting people, places, & things that aren't aligned with your values!
  • pouring all of your energy in areas that don't give you a return !
  • making decisions that keep you right where you are!
  • feeling guilty about having big dreams & the desire to carve a new path!
  • feeling like you can reinvent yourself, then feeling unworthy and not good enough !
  • having clarity of vision, then shifting back to low vision, distorted vision, & cloudy vision !

 Why Do New, Aspiring, & Current Entrepreneurs Struggle?

As an Entrepreneur, there are a lot of ideas and goals that need to be accomplished! Products have to be created, services must be provided, and customers and clients need to be served! When pursuing new goals, the mind must also be aligned with the goal in order for it to be accomplished. The mind is currently "set" to the current status of the business. When the conscious desire is to reach a new goal, the subconscious mind must be informed! Everyone has 2 minds: a conscious mind (This is the mind that you use everyday to get through your day.) and a subconscious mind (This is where your core beliefs, true feelings, and emotions are.) When these 2 minds are not aligned, it presents a struggle. This struggle appears as a starting and stopping motion. Imagine seeing a car proceed down the street jerking back and forth, starting and stopping. This is what takes place in the mind as well when you're shifting between thoughts of "I can do this!" and "I can't do this!" It's like attempting to take action on your new ideas and goals, yet actually being jolted back to reality by your old beliefs, behaviours, and buried emotions. The conscious mind attempts to move forward on the goals that you have for your business, yet because the subconscious mind is not engaged in the process, it pulls you right back to where you used to be. Imagine getting dressed to go on a family vacation. You walk out of the front door to load up the car and you turn around and your family is still in pajamas, simply lounging around in the living room. You're moving forward, but they didn't get the memo!


In order to end the entrepreneurial struggle, the subconscious mind must be informed of your new goals. These new goals must become your new beliefs in order for them to become your new reality! There is a way to imprint your new goals into your subconscious mind and create new behaviours that support your goals!


Your Attractive Thinker Assignment:

Create a Vision Board with Your New Business Goals! 
Create a Set of Empowering Affirmations that Support Your Goals! 
Meditate and Visualize Your Goals at Least 3 Times a Day! 
Speak Your Goals with Boldness and Confidence Daily!

Take Action on Your Goals!

With daily repetition of these practices, you'll reach your goal in record time! You'll begin to spot opportunities that will help you to accomplish your goal. Unexpectedly, people will show up that have the exact resource that you need to accomplish your goal. You'll receive ideas that will expedite your goal and take you further/faster! Consistency is key!

~Think, Attractively!


 The Attractive Thinker Private & Group Coaching Products and Programs are for New, Aspiring, & Current Entrepreneurs Who:

  • see beyond the daily chores, responsibilities, bills, cooking, cleaning, TV, movies, constant eating, and running to home, school, work, church, home, school, work, & church!
  • are bored with doing the same thing the same way, everyday!
  • know that there has to be another meaning/purpose to what they are supposed to be doing with their lives!
  • see opportunities within challenges!
  • don't take "no" for an answer!
  • go after what they want!
  • desire to have no regrets at the end of their life!
  • are tired of not reaching their goals!
  • are tired of talking about what they want to do and not getting it done!
  • are tired of believing and not receiving what they pray for!
  • are tired of doing without!
  • are tired of suppressing their desires and dumbing down their dreams!
  • like to shake things up!
  • know that they can accomplish so much more!
  • are determined to make their lives count!
  • aren't comfortable with unproductive conversations!
  • don't fit comfort zones, boxes, systems, opinions, routines, and being average!
  • are hungry, determined, on fire, passionate, driven, uncomfortable with bland, vanilla, and blah, blah, blah!
  • are always helping, teaching, educating, encouraging, and sharing wisdom and solutions with others!

... and Desire To:

  • overcome their mental blocks!
  • heal from their past and painful experiences!
  • start their own business!
  • write the books that they've been putting off!
  • carve a new generational path for themselves and their family!
  • upgrade their lives!
  • reinvent themselves!
  • think bigger!
  • think better!
  • create a life that excites them!
  • be a solution to others!


Get Ready for a Total Mind, Body, and Soul Makeover!  

Our Private Mentoring Programs are specialized for clients who get more accomplished with one-on-one support, are ready to take massive action,  desire to expedite their process and start seeing immediate changes in their life & business, and are in need of individualized, customized tools for specific barriers! You'll grow from one session to the next!

  Which Program is Best for You?

THP Attractive Thinker Private Coaching Banner

The Attractive Thinker Private One-on-One Coaching Program

  • 2- 45 minute private coaching sessions  each month with assignments, resources, and templates
  • a copy of the recorded session  so that you can review and reinforce along with customized mindset tools for sustained progress
  • direct access to Dr. Toni in between sessions for continued support when you encounter life's issues while restructuring your life
  • access to a Private Online Forum  where Attractive Thinkers stay connected to solutions, share their successes, get answers to their questions, post resources to benefit other Attractive Thinkers, stay in productive mode, and so much more

The Attractive Thinker Private One-on-One Coaching Program  is customized to meet your individual needs in health, life, & business!  Get ready to get clear, get focused, stabilize your thinking, get direction & next steps, get organized, maximize your time daily, end the mental struggles, create more meaning and fulfillment in your days,  be more productive, increase your momentum, monetize your gifts, experience more of life's abundance, make you a priority, understand the value you bring to the world, get healthy and energized, see your ideas become your realtiy, increase your confidence & courage, and so much more...

Your Life Has Always Been Waiting On You, Attractive Thinker!

Click Here  to Submit your Private Coaching Request! 



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 "It's Not What You're Going Through, But How You're Viewing It!"

I had the privilege of having a VIP Strategy Day with Dr. Toni Hatton and it was an amazing transformational day! I showed up to this meeting mentally weighed down, emotionally depleted and with the weight of the world on my shoulders I felt physically exhausted. I almost canceled this meeting because But I knew that this was something I needed to do for me,so I pushed. I knew that I needed to be around another powerful being that I knew would ignite a fire that was being snuffed out from life's circumstances. I showed up to this meeting trying to hide my pain behind a smile but Dr. Toni saw right through it and she began to ask the right questions. She let me know that this was a safe place and that I wasn't alone nor did I have to continue to go through this by myself. So I felt completely comfortable to put all of my cards on the table. She did not judge me. She let me know that she understood and that none of what I was going through disqualified my ability to be purposely powerful. She quickly reminded me of my purpose and how powerful I was as a woman and that giving up was not an option. She helped me to look past the pain and see the purpose behind what I was going through. She always says, "Youve gotta see beyond what you are looking at!". My question to her was, "How else am I supposed to look at this?" Thats when the transformation really started to take place. She began to show me that the very thing that I felt was drowning and destroying me was there to push me forward otherwise I would've stayed comfortable in the misery that was there way before any of this had taken place. She reminded me that we were meant to be happy, peaceful and designed to be loved, cherished and powerful. It's like she gave me that 1 piece of the puzzle that helped put all the other pieces in their place and I can now see the work of God that has been taking place the entire time. I knew THAT moment a shift happened! Once I recognized what was going on I became hopeful and thankful that the very thing that I thought was my biggest issue gave me a solid ground to walk on! Im sure she could see the lightbulbs come on in my head as my face began to change from a look of despair and desperation to a look of hope and determination! I left the meeting excited with new steps in place. Honestly I did not want to leave her. I left with my fire lit and my lights turned on. I left with new ideas and a great sense of hope that I havent had in a long time. This was truly a healing meeting for me and I'll never forget it. It is so worth it to invest your time, wealth and gifts into yourself so that we can show up in the world as the powerful beings we were created to be and change lives. This VIP day changed my decisions, my vision and my life. Thank you so much Dr. Toni for your strength and being a living example of greatness and power. The world needs you!

~A Very Grateful Attractive Thinker


The Attractive Thinker Private VIP Strategy Session:

  • 4-hour live or virtual Life-Altering Strategy Session with Dr. Toni to get clear, get direction, get focused, and to map out the next steps for your unique vision
  • 1-30 minute follow up call to ensure progress, answer questions, and to overcome any obstacles that you may encounter as you begin to take action towards your goals
  • During your Private VIP Strategy Session , you'll get clear on your specific goals, discover what you already have that will help you to reach your goals quicker, receive Vision & Mindset resources to support you in overcoming mindset obstacles after the sessions, map out a strategy & set dates of completion for your goals, and develop a daily plan so that you'll know exactly what to do and when!

That Thing Inside of You That Won't Let You Rest & Keeps Telling You That You Can Accomplish So Much More...  It's Your Soul! Your Visions, Dreams, & Goals are Calling Yo1u!

 Click Here to Submit Your Private Coaching Request!


“Dr. Toni Hatton is phenomenal!  She is one of the most considerate and thought provoking individuals of our time.  She has a real genuine passion for helping others.  It’s exemplified through her workshops and audio programs.  This project is sure to deposit nuggets that will last you a lifetime!”

                                                                                                                                                                   ~Respectfully, Deborah Hardnett

              Big Thinkers Academy


website photo nyilah tichet

Our Group Mentoring Programs are for clients who enjoy collaborting with their Fellow Attractive Thinkers, and are looking for a positive environment in which to plant their vision so that it can grow!

Which Program is Best for You?

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Instantly Implement! 12 Weeks to Vision & Mindset Clarity Group Program

For 12 weeks/once a week,  you'll work with Dr. Toni and receive audios, videos, assignments, resources, tips, and tools to support you in shifting from cloudy to clear in your Vision & Mindset, Health/Wellness, Relationships, Environment, Business, and in your Finances!  Information alone, without the proper Attractive Thinker Tools to implement will not create sustained success!

This program is very intense and is for Attractive Thinkers who are Implementers, who know that they are the game-changers in their generation, and are ready to jump right in, create new and better results for their bloodline, & thrive in their life & business!

The Attractive Thinker Group Mentoring Program is designed to support you in aligning 6 areas of your life with your visions, dreams, and goals and provides the extra support from your fellow Attractive Thinkers who are game-changers just like you!  Environment is EVERYTHING!  Big Dreams will never grow in toxic environments!  

Are You Ready to Carve a New Path?

Click Here for Full Details!  


 THP Attractive Thinker Mastermind Banner

From Sight to Vision Master "Your"Mind Monthly Group Membership Program

If you feel like...

  • you're not supported
  • you need someone with vision who gets what you are trying to create
  • you need to be connected
  • you just need to know where to start, what to do, and then what to do after that
  • you're procrastinating and don't know why
  • you believe,but there is something stopping you from taking action
  • you have a lot of information, but lack an idea on how to put it all together
  • your day runs out before you do, and you're constantly tired and unmotivated
  • years are passing by and nothing is changing but your age
  • you're doing everything by yourself

THENyou're looking for your Fellow Attractive Thinkers! Environment is everthing.  Sometimes it's not what you're doing, but WHERE you're doing it!  Something simple like connecting with people who are creating, accomplishing, and changing their lives can give you solutions that you've never considered.  In this ongoing program, you'll get solutions on topics such as increasing your energy while growing your business, minimizing stress/overwhelm/frustration, where to start developing your visions, dreams, and goals, develop the mindset of an entrepreneur, decision-making tools for success, and so much more!


Click Here for Full Details!


 Get A Hot Body Before It Gets Hot

Get a Hot Body Before It Gets Hot! Group Program

Your 30-Day Transformation 

I'm assuming that you landed on this page because you have been pursuing the same health & wellness goals for some time now and you're still looking for solutions!  Tired of trying every gimmic, trick, powder, pill, and fad?  You may have decided to let it go and focus on another area of your life, but something deep down inside of you gives you hope and causes you to believe that it is possible for you to lose the weight, feel great, look great, and live a long, vibrant healthy life!!

But, there are these "invisible" blocks that keep you right where you currently are!  This Get A Hot Body Before It Gets Hot!  30-Day Transformation is for you if you can answer "YES!" to any of these questions below!

  • Do you find yourself struggling with trying to lose the same amount of weight as last year?
  • Do you feel like you're just going to have to settle and forget about losing this weight?
  • Are you up and down all night long and waking up tired, delirious, and not looking forward to another day?
  • Is mealtime a mystery?
  • Are you tired of sabotaging your goals, feeling guilty, having regrets, and repeating this vicious cycle?
  • Do you feel like you have to deny yourself in order to reach your goals?
  • Are you tired of eating right and still feeling bloated afterwards?
  • Tired of knowing you should eat the apple, but you eat the brownie anyway?
  • Are you done with counting calories, feeling hungry all of the time, being confused about what works and what does not work, and frustrated about what to do next?
  • Are you done with beating yourself up, talking negative about your stomach, your hips, and how you look in the fitting room and the mirror?

Mental SHIFT:  You don't lose weight in order to get healthy! You get healthy in order to lose weight!  Losing weight is a result of a healthy body! When the body is healthy, the excessive weight melts away like butter!!

Your Health Will Always Be Your Greatest Wealth!

Click Here for Full Details!


Monthly Intensive Audio Downloads

Get Your Mind-Altering Attractive Thinker Tools for Mental Support & Consistent Progress!

Each month in the Private Master "Your" Mind Experience, I shine the light on your path so that you can see where you are going with your visions, dreams, and goals, and so that you can identify and uproot the obstacles of procrastination, self-doubt, negative self-chatter, fear, and so much more along the way!  If you are not a member of the From Sight to Vision Master "Your" Mind Experience, you may purchase your individual downloadable recording of these life-altering sessions, tools, worksheets , solutions, and resources today OR, join the Master "Your" Mind Experience today and get access to all of these live monthly group sessions 24/7 by registering at www.mastermind.theattractivethinker.guru!

Procrastination is a Subtle Thief! Intensive

Do you find yourself doing everything but what you're supposed to?

Do you say you're going to do something, yet it never gets done?

When you think about your goals do you get overwhelmed and frustrated?

Don't judge it, Attractive Thinker!   There is a clear reason why you procrastinate and it's not what you think.  In fact, what I'm about to reveal to you are the roots of procrastinaton, and you've never even considered these causes!  Get ready for real information AND real solutions!

You'll receive immediate access to...  

the downloadable recording! 

an Attractive Thinker Tool for prioritizing! 

a BONUS Tool to support you in taking massive action immediately! 


Procrastination is a Subtle Thief! Intensive

Get Your Copy & Start Uprooting Procrastination Today! 





Click Here to Access ALL From Sight to Vision Master "Your" Mind Monthly Intensives & So Much More!!  

 Bricks, Blocks, & Beliefs! Intensive
Bricks either build walls that keep you from reaching your goals OR pave paths that give you access to them!!
Which are you building?
Bricks, Blocks, & Beliefs are hard, heavy, and can be painful to re-move them alone. Look at the word re-move...
"Re" means to do it again!
It's possible to re-move the Bricks, Blocks, and Beliefs from building walls to paving paths that give you access to your dreams.
But, what if you don't know where these Bricks, Blocks, & Beliefs are? What if you never even knew they existed? What if the reason that you have visions, dreams, and goals is because they already EXIST and that glimmer in your eye and spark in your heart is your dream telling you that it's alive!
What if you could re-move the Bricks, Blocks, & Beliefs and clearly see what it is that you are going after!
What if you really knew what was holding you back from taking action!
What if you had the tools to re-move it?
How different would your life be?
What more could you do?
What would you change first?
Who would you become?
What would be new?
What would you immediately act on first?
"Bricks... Blocks... & Beliefs!"
It's time for them to be re-moved in a way that supports you and the life that you desire & deserve to live!
In this Intensive, I will be shinning the light so that you can discover the "Bricks, Blocks, & Beliefs" that are distorting your view and keeping you from moving forward in your life, your health, your business, your visions, dreams, and goals!
Re-Move, Attractively!

Bricks, Blocks, & Beliefs! Intensive
Get Your Copy & Remove the Blocks Today!

Do you...

constantly see visions, images, and glimpses of your true potential, but aren't sure how to possess it?

find it hard to find like-minded people that are pursuing their dreams and are just as passionate about helping you to pursue yours?

need support, but don’t know who to turn to?

keep starting and stopping and starting and stopping, and end up self-sabotaging your own efforts?

believe in your heart that you must do something different with your life, but you don't know what to do?

find yourself pacing the floor at 3 AM, praying for an answer?

feel determined that this year will not be a carbon copy of last year? 

     If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then The Attractive Thinker Mentoring Programs are for YOU! It's time to get those visions and goals out of your head and into your life! You know that you are destined to do great things and make a difference in the world! You know deep inside your heart that if you do nothing different, nothing will change in your life! Your dream is too big for you to pursue it alone! End the stress and frustration and be a part of The Attractive Thinker Movement so that you can finally manifest your vision with the necessary tools, resources, accountability, support, and action that guarantees your success! 

     An Attractive Thinker is a person with Vision, who can see beyond what they are looking at and has the Courage to Focus on what they see until it Manifests!   It takes courage to focus on the unseen until it becomes yur reality.  Most entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs have reoccuring visions, dreams, and goals.  They have a lot of ideas, yet no idea how to get started.  A famous book says, "Hope deferred makes the heart sick!"  When you have unfulfilled dreams and goals and you try to share them with people in your circle of influence you may or may not get the support that you need to move forward on your goals.  If every New Year's you have the same resolutions and they never get resolved, a part of you loses hope on the inside.  When support is not in place, you begin to think that they dream is not worth pursing.  You begin to doubt the dream.  You begin to think that there is something wrong with you because you just can't "see" how it is going to happen.  There is nothing wrong with you Attractive Thinker and your dreams and goals are real and it's time for you to take them from your head to your hand!  

"One must be able to see beyond where they currently are in order to pursue and accomplish any goal that they may have in life!"
~Think Attractively!  

If you are tired of ...

  • starting and stopping!
  • talking yourself into and out of the thing you desire!
  • knowing that you can do better yet settling for less!
  • knowing there has to be so much more to life than this routine and just existing!
  • being lost, scattered, and all over the place!
  • feeling like it's time for a change, yet don't know how to make that change!

... and you

  • need clarity on what you want and how to accomplish it!
  • are not sure how to make your dreams and goals your reality!
  • think differently, yet struggle to find like-minded people!
  • are all over the place and need structure and order!
  • lack motivation to do what you know must be done!
  • have given yourself away piece by piece!
  • no longer recognize yourself or the life you're living!
  • are stressed out, not eating properly, and need a plan to get it all done!
  • need to believe in yourself again!
  • need confidence, mentoring, accountability, and support!
  • need organizational and time management skills!
  • struggle with self-sabotage and limiting beliefs!
  • are depressed most of the time, but know you are called to do great things!
  • need a plan for implementation and tools that keep you focused!
  • need a positive environment in which to plant and grow your vision!
  • are now ready to do what it takes to develop yourself and your vision!

...then you are in the right place!


As a Vision Expert, I shine the light in places that appear to be dark and suppressed so that New, Aspiring, and Current Entrepreneurs can discover the sunken treasure that they left behind!  So many times we run out of our situations, glad that it's over, but empty because we left our life lessons and gifts in our journey!  I clearly understand that in order to pursue any goal in life, one must be able to see it clearly! You will  move hesitantly towards what you cannot clearly see. This is why most people start and stop and go throughout life with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake. Visibility is poor, vision is not clear, and there are no supports in place. Vision is the ability to see beyond what you are looking at! If all you see is bills, spouse, job, chores, and the busyness of life, how can you manifest the things that are not seen, like your heart-felt ideas?  How far can you really see? Is it a challenge or an opportunity?  Can you see yourself living your dream? Can you see yourself financially free?  Can you see yourself creating a more meaningful and fulfilling life? Do you even believe that you deserve to be your authentic self and create things that reflect your value system? Do you have the same goals year in and year out? Do you have anyone who pushes you, stretches you, encourages, and inspires you to be, do, and have all that your heart desires?  Do you have people in your circle that support you in bringing your dream into reality? As a result of my personal journey, I've discovered two things that Attractive Thinkers are missing in their lives:  support from a Vision Expert and support from a Positive Circle of Influence. With these two supports, you can go further, faster! But wait! What good is it to accomplish your vision goals just to wake up every morning with that nagging headache and struggle to figure out how you're going to balance your blood pressure and your blood sugar! Vision and Wellness go together like Faith and Works! One without the other is dead!



Tammy Swaine 4

I was so fortunate to meet Dr.Toni Hatton, The Attractive Thinker, who recommended the Divine Waters. They truly turned a virus infection around in 24 hours and eliminated on-going suffering I had been experiencing for three or more weeks. I had not been  sick for ten or more years, but this rogue virus had been wrecking havoc with me and everyone I knew. However, these products are awesome in their capacity to locate  and provide healing remedies for all systems of your body. Thank you Dr.Toni for leading me to Divine Waters.





As a Certified Health Coach, I understand how difficult it is to accomplish your wellness goals and how easy it is to fall off of the wagon because we live under a system that is strategically designed to keep us sick and broke! Why?  Because it’s profitable!  Not for you, of course!  But, it’s not your fault!  With this fast-paced life we're living, where can you find a healthy meal on the go?  How many healthy restaurants do you see between your workplace and your home?  It’s designed that way, but the good news is you have a choice!  You can take full responsibility for your health and make healthier food choices.  I congratulate you, Attractive Thinker, for seeking support in accomplishing your wellness goals!  Only those who understand their worth, seek to do better.  How can you increase your energy naturally, instead of using artificial stimulants like manipulated energy drinks, caffeine, and sugar?  Where can you find food in its natural state without preservatives, additives, and toxic ingredients that you cannot pronounce?  Everything readily available is sabotaging your wellness goals! The Attractive Thinker Private & Group Mentoring   Programs  will support you with increasing your energy, removing toxins, and eliminating excessive weight   so that you can get and stay healthy, vibrant, and energetic!   … all without side effects!  Lol!


What makes our mentoring programs so unique is that we support you with overcoming the mental barriers in the areas of your life, your health and your business so that you can reach your goals and have the mental capacity to maintain them and beyond!  Do you realize that in order to enjoy the authentic life that you are creating and serve your gifts to the world, you must be healthy both mentally and physically? How can you complete your life’s work with headaches, poor digestion, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, low self-esteem, procrastination, lack of clarity, etc.  It’s impossible!  Eventually, the body will speak louder to get your attention, expressing its dis-ease. This is the number one reason why I began to share Vision resources with my Wellness clients and Wellness resources with my Vision clients.  My Vision clients wanted more balance and authenticity and my Wellness clients had to first begin working on their core belief system before we talked about fruits and vegetables!  Lol!  It’s difficult to master one without the other!  I look forward to supporting you in redefining, reinventing, and creating a new path of life and business success!


~Stay Balanced, Attractively!

    website photo clients 2website photo yolandawebsite photo toni      

Get Ready for Next Level Thinking and Next Level Living!! 
It's Time To...
  • get real results!
  • live a happier, healthier, more meaningful life!
  • create a life full of what you love to do!
  • be here for your children!
  • accomplish something you’ve never done before!
  • create a generational legacy!





To Schedule Your FREE Get Unstuck Coaching Session, Click Here!

See Past the Pain to Your Purpose!

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