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Searching for a Results-Oriented, Transformational Speaker to help your audience buy into your VISION or develop their own?  In need of practical, achievable wellness information to enhance the lives of your audience so that they can detox, increase their energy, and create a lifestyle of wellness?  Get ready for Transformational Speaker, Dr.Toni Hatton, Your Vision & Mindset Expert! 

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Have you ever read books, listened to CD's, attended seminar after seminar, gathered all of the information that you think that you need, and still haven't applied it? Are you tired of going around in circles and self-sabotaging your own efforts? Do you lack the motivation necessary to be consistent? You can accomplish more in 5 days with mentoring and support than you can in 5 years, trying to manifest your vision alone!

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Great Day, Attractive Thinker!

It Is a Great Day to Be Alive! 

Dr. Toni Hatton hosted The Attractive Thinker Radio Program every week for 2 years on Radio One, WWIN Spirit 1400 AM in Baltimore! Set aside some time when you're not distracted to listen to and take notes from these mind-shifting messages below!  Share your biggest take-aways via our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/toni.hatton.1 ~Think Attractively!

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Get ready to see beyond what you are looking at and develop the courage to focus on it until it manifests! Bring pad and pen to this high-content call and ask your Vision and Wellness questions by calling 410-481-1400! The topics that are discussed on The Attractive Thinker Radio Show will assist you with eliminating the limiting beliefs, negative self talk, the vicious cycles of starting and stopping, and the self sabotaging behaviours that we encounter when pursuing our lifes' work in the earth! You'll also receive information on how to give your body what it needs so that it can heal itself with proper nutrition!



"The Attractive Thinker Radio Program" Archives
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toni in studio smThink A Different Thought!...

October 07, 2014



Great Day, Attractive Thinker!

What are you thinking? Are you thoughts in alignment with where you desire to go in your life? Your thoughts are the creative realm. Most people are thinking the same thoughts that they thought 10 years ago, yet they wonder why their lives look exactly like they did 10 years ago! Think A Different Thought! ~Think Attractively!"



Listen to past recordings of The Attractive Thinker Radio Program...


LeanneCroppedII smLeanne Sklavenitis - Online Fitness and Health Expert - January 22, 2013


Leanne Sklavenitis has been extensively involved in the Fitness industrynot only in Australia, but also the USA for over 20 years. As an Online Fitness Expert, Group Fitness instructor/Personal Trainer, and Speaker, she runs a successful online home based fitness business.

Leanne has won Fitness Awards including the Aquatic and Recreation Victoria Instructor of the Year Award, the YMCA Instructor of the Year Award, has presented to 5000 delegates in Singapore at the World Alzheimers Conference, spoken to numerous corporate organizations and at several conferences following her passion to help people all over the world to become physically fit and healthier. She has also been interviewed in Fitness Instructor editorials as well as written fitness articles for magazines both online and offline.

Leanne currently runs her own Online Health & Fitness Motivation Business www.fitnesstips.com.au where she provides the latest health and fitness motivation and helps to motivate fitness clients "online". She also runs a health and fitness membership site www.fitnesstipsmembership.com with the help of her mate Healthy Harry which contains all the critical advice and information you need to know about creating the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

Her business has opened up to the world and she can help anyone no matter where they are located to stay fit and healthy. She is passionate about helping decrease the obesity and sedentary lifestyle that many people lead. Many of her clients have had great success with her 13 Week Fitness Forever Online Fitness Program.

Contact Leanne Sklavenitis by email to get on board at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Find her on Facebook at:



toni in studio smNatural Alternatives to Toxic White Sugar!

January 29,2013


Great Day, Attractive Thinker!

Sugar wreaks havoc on your blood sugar levels! White sugar is not in it's natural state. It has been stripped of it's nutrients like fiber, vitamins, minerals, and protein. Without these nutrients, sugar enters the bloodstream too rapidly! When a child consumes white sugar, they get hyper, talkative, silly, busy and when an adult consumes white sugar they get the rush of energy, and shortly thereafter, they fall asleep! Sugar shuts the brain down! Is suppresses the immune system for up to 5 hours! Drinking 1 can of soda which has 12-14 teaspoons of sugar can disarm your immune system and leave you vulnerable to everyone's cold, flu, bacteria, and virus! When nutrient deficient white sugar is consumed, not only does it not provide you with nutrients, but it robs you of the nutrients that are already in your body. Your body now has to begin to pull nutrients from other areas just to bring the body back into balance! What other "white powder do you know of that gives you this same kind of effect?" You got it! Heroine and crack cocaine! Sugar falls into the category of addictive substances because of 2 reasons: 1. when you consume it you begin to crave more of it and #2, when you stop using it, you get withdrawal symptoms, headaches, mood swings, irritability, depression, etc.

Visit www.theattractivethinker.guru and click on "The Radio Show Host" tab for a list of alternative sweetners that satisfy your sweet tooth while providing your body with the nutrients that it needs as well! Attractive Thinkers... ~Think Attractively!



ValeriePearson.jpg.w300h388 smReverend Valerie Pearson - Executive Director A Remarkable Woman Ministry February 5, 2013


Rev. Valerie S. Pearson is a preacher, teacher, author and founder of A Remarkable Woman Ministry. Her life has been a journey guided by the Lord; and as she has traveled through time she has learned many valuable lessons and gained wisdom that she has packaged together to share with other women through A Remarkable Woman Ministry. Through her ministry and book, A Remarkable Woman, Discovering the Authentic You!, God has allowed many women to be transformed, and to know who they are in Christ, while loving their true authenticity.

In February 2011, God led Rev. Pearson to take a tremendous leap of faith in pursuing her ministry full-time. She formed a nonprofit entity, The Center for Remarkable Women, Inc., with a mission to empower women and girls with the life tools necessary to live enriched and abundant lives. This is a life dream for Rev. Pearson that she pursues with zeal and enthusiasm.

Prior to answering the call to pursue her ministry full-time, Rev. Pearson served for twelve years as the Chief of Ministry Staff at the New Psalmist Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland under the tutelage of Bishop Walter S. Thomas, Sr., where she managed a staff of nine full time ministers/lay persons and more than 80 ministries. She has a wealth of knowledge in church management and ministry development. Rev. Pearson is a sought after conference speaker, who conducts leadership training for church staff, associate ministers, and ministry leaders. She also presents workshops and seminars to women.

Rev. Pearson earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting from the University of Baltimore and has attended St. Mary's Seminary and Virginia Union University. She also has a certificate in Church Management from Villanova University. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women and she received the Woman of the Year in Religious Service Award from the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc., Alpha Zeta Chapter. Reverend Pearson was licensed to preach in March 1998 and ordained in December 2000. Through all that she does, Rev. Pearson seeks to empower, inspire and encourage all who come in contact with her and her ministry materials.

Reverend Valerie S. Pearson, Executive Director
The Center for Remarkable
Empowering Women and Young Girls
to Live Full, Abundant, and Enriched Lives


MichelleGreer.JPG.w300h388 smMichelle Greer - Spokesperson for The American Heart and Stroke Association February 12, 2013


Michelle Greer is an ambassador and spokesperson for the American Heart and Stroke Association. She joined AHA, after the tragic loss of her husband in 2003 following a sudden, massive stroke. She has been a strong force in advocating for stroke awareness and prevention in the State of Maryland, and was instrumental in the successful certification of its hospitals. Her story has been featured in several articles and interviews, including AHA's 2007 Annual Report, "Inspiring Change". She has lobbied before members of Congress for the Federal Stop Stroke Act, and was the honorary recipient of AHA's 2007 Ambassador of the Year Award. As a volunteer for AHA, she has been:

* Chair of the Power to End Stroke Task Force for the State of Maryland.
* Co-Chair of the Power to End Stroke Task Force for the Mid-Atlantic Region.
* Executive Board member for the Maryland Stroke Alliance.
* Executive Board member for Lawyer's Have Heart.
* Your the Cure Advocate and Executive Committee member for Go Red for

Currently, she is a board member for the Your the Cure Action Committee and is Co-
Chair of the Mission Committee for the American Heart and Stroke Associations.
13 Steps to Taking Control of Your Own Wellness

1. Know the 3 different types of stroke, warning signs, and high risk factors.
2. Know your family history.
3. Know what you expect your doctor to know.
4. Get a primary physician of your choosing.
5. Always get copies of your medical records, x-rays, lab results, etc.
6. Always keep a list of your prescribed medications and supplements. Research your prescriptions, their side effects, and how they interact.
7. Know the major organs of the human body, and how they function.
8. Learn the significance of vitamins and minerals, and how they interact.
9. Research blood disorders and auto-immune disorders. Find out the symptoms, the
various test used to diagnose them, and how to treat them holistically as well as medically.
10. Research vitamin K and its relationship to certain medical conditions such as stroke,
cancer, etc.
11. Research TPA (Tissue Plasminogen Activator). Know how and when it should be
used. What does it do? Know all of the treatment options for your specific medical
12. Check out Life-Screening and invest in it. This applies to pre-screenings for all
medical conditions because these types of early interventions could save your life.
13. Become a member of organizations that provide support and information on your
personal medical conditions. (ie. stroke, cancer, etc.)
Remember the priority is Prevention and Early Intervention


toni in studio smHow to Increase Your Energy So That Your Day Runs Out Before You Do!

February 19,2013


Great Day, Attractive Thinker! 

Energy is something that we all need in order to get through our busy days. Before your feet even hit the floor in the morning, you've already run through your entire "To-Do" list! After getting the kids ready, feeding the dog, rushing to school and work, and rushing back home just to do it all again the next day, you need to replenish and restore your energy just to get it all done. Many Americans reach for the artificial energy drinks, candy bars, and sugary juices just to make it through the day! Click on the link above to find out how to increase your energy naturally!"



NicholasGourdineIINicholas Gourdine - National Director and Motivational Speaker with Change for The King

February 26, 2013

Nicholas, whose name means, victory of the people, has always had a passion for assisting others. As a native of Jamaica Queens, NY he was educated in private and public school in the New York City Board of Education until he attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he obtained a Bachelor's degree in Psychology. During his matriculation in Charlotte, he received numerous awards and accolades including his induction into the Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Society, Who's Who Among American College and University Students, Student Alumni Ambassadors, and Outstanding Brother and Fraternity Member of the Year. His quest for knowledge and unyielding search for truth led him to Howard University where he pursued a Master's of Divinity Degree. He subsequently served in the Office of Student Affairs where he became the community director for Benjamin E. Mays Hall, George Washington Carver Hall, and the historic Charles R. Drew Hall at Howard University, which is the nation's largest collegiate hall that houses predominantly African American freshman males in one location.

Nicholas, affectionately called Mr. G by his students, made an indelible impression at Howard University, particularly the freshman male population and Office of Residence Life staff. As a result of his visionary leadership and outstanding staff, he established the Charles R. Drew Hall scholarship and a freshman mentoring program. His volunteerism in school and community has afforded him the opportunity to harness his leadership and oratory skills as a program coordinator, facilitator, workshop presenter and motivational speaker at various forums and conferences. Nicholas' approach to reaching his audience is hands on, didactic and energetic.

Some of his civic engagement includes former Co-Chair of the Education Committee of Omicron Lambda Alpha Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.; Social Action Committee of The National Urban League Thursday Network, and member of the Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church in Washington DC where he ministered as the young adult praise & worship leader, College Ministry leader, and currently serves on the mime ministry and CSOSA, a faith based mentoring program for former inmates released from prison. Despite his numerous accomplishments, Nicholas is most proud to be an active mentor for over 12 years with organizations including Big Brothers & Big Sisters of America, Concerned Black Men National Organization, and Mentoring to Manhood. He is also a God-father of two, and the "world's greatest uncle and cousin".

Nicholas mission in life is to "love God with all of his heart, heart, mind, body and soul, be the man he says he is at all times, and reach his maximum potential so that he can have maximum impact." He is currently living his purpose as a community support worker in Washington, DC and the Founder and National Empowerment Speaker of Change for the King, an organization whose mission is to" empower, expose and educate young Black males to succeed." His future goals include being a balanced husband and father while traveling the world as a public speaker, trainer and author.

When he's not actively, engaged in servant leadership, he enjoys singing, dancing, reading, swimming, traveling to the islands, engaging in extreme sports (skydiving, jet skiing, scuba diving, snowboarding) and spending time with his greatest joy, his family.


toni in studio smCreate An Authentic Life!

March 5, 2013

Great Day, Attractive Thinker!

Yes, it's possible! You can create a life that aligns with your value system! What do you truly desire? Are you tired of walking around with your dreams locked up inside of you, secretly whispering to you each day? Do you know that these visions that you have, seeing yourself doing great things is a preview to what you are to pursue? At The Attractive Thinker, we support you in transitioning from where you are to where you desire to be so that you can create a happier, healthier, more meaningful life in 6-12 months! Listen to the audio above! It's possible!"


toni in studio smHow To Bring Balance To Your Body, Starting From Right Where You Are!
March 12, 2013

Great Day, Attractive Thinker!

After listening to The Attractive Thinker Radio Program today, I know you are inspired to start your journey to wellness immediately! Well, I'm here to tell you that you can do just that. A good place to start to balance the body is to make sure that you are getting enough water every day. I know you've heard it before, "Drink half your body weight in ounces of water every single day." So this means if a person is 200 lbs., they should be consuming at least 100 ounces of water each day. Now this doesn't mean just start chugging water! Fruits and vegetables have a lot of water in them. Herbal teas is a great way to get your water intake as well. You can take a bottle of water, pour fresh lemon juice in it, and your favorite natural sweetner in it and voila' you have a healthy, tasty, drink without the guilt. Click on the audio above for the next steps to bring balance to your body!



Chere CofieldChere Michelle Cofield,"The Stress Manager"-  Founder/CEO of Chere Cofield International

 March 19, 2013

Chere Michelle Cofield- is the Founder/CEO of Chere Cofield International- A Health and Wellness company that focuses on the total person, from the inner core of a person to their outward appearance with special focus on stress management. This focus is exhibited by means of Health/Wellness Seminars, Creative Visualization Exercises, Healing Art of Touch Therapy Sessions, Aromatherapy Sessions, Workshops, Expos, Public Speaking, Television Production, & Self Written Information.

Chere Cofield is also the Founder/Creator of the Annual "Let's Get Serious" Health, Wellness, & Fitness Expo. She has been a Licensed Practical Nurse for the past 22 years, specializing in Geriatrics, Alzheimer's Disease/Dementia, and Wound Care.  Ms. Cofield is the Producer & Host of the television show "To Your Health"- Where she educates the public on what matters the most which airs on Comcast TV Channel 25 in Baltimore.  Ms. Cofield is also an Author whose recent works includes the # 1 Amazon Best Seller , The Crash That Altered My Life.

Chere "The Stress Manager" Cofield
Chere Cofield International, LLC





Bunmi Moore,"Visionary"- KABOOM! Iyabunmi Moore is explosive.

March 26,2013 

     KABOOM! Iyabunmi Moore is explosive. When people see Bunmi Moore they say, “Big things sure do come in little packages. That little lady is POWERFUL!”

With a heart to see people do, be, and have whatever they desire, Iyabunmi Moore is passionate about teaching principles that help people from all walks of life to realize their dreams. Whether you are a business owner , stay at home mom, white collar professional, professional athlete or in any other profession, let Iyabunmi Moore help you develop the mindset that you need to go to the next level.

As a young girl, Bunmi was inspired by her parents, Zik and Jerri Stewart’s success in the network marketing  industry. Seeing them go from broke to making over $50,000 a month inspired Bunmi to achieve a prosperity consciousness and got her started learning success principles. Bunmi still has the report that her father made her write on Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich at the age of 11. Now an expert in affirmations, visualization, and other transforming mindset techniques, Bunmi has a gift for teaching personal development/ mindset enhancing concepts that help people to ful-fill what she calls their “God-potential and take their life to the next level.

Having 5 children and having married her high school sweetheart Kevin at the young age of 21, nearly 20 years ago, has brought its share of challenges. But as Bunmi teaches, life is about obstacles mixed with opportunties and Bunmi has taken many of life’s test and challenges, learned from them, grown from them and now inspires and helps others who are going through their life’s tests. She says, “You’ve got to remember that your test creates your testimony.”

A former school teacher before becoming a six figure earner in business, Bunmi’s teaching skills transcend all age groups. From children, who Bunmi believes needs to learn the power of words and the law of attraction at a very early age, to seasoned seniors who want greatness in their golden years, Bunmi brings an effective, fun, practical, moving message that leaves all who hear her with a belief in themselves that creates magic.

Iyabunmi Moore is the co-founder of IMpower  Me Now, LLC. With partner Brian K. Bailey , Iyabunmi and IMpower Me Now will help millions around the world to tap into their power and ful-fill their God-potential.

Contact Mrs. Iyabunmi Moore @ 443-864-9440

Visit Bunmi's Website: www.IMpowermenow.com


toni in studio smPrepare Your Body For Allergy Season!
April 2, 2013

Great Day, Attractive Thinker!

If you've been listening to The Attractive Thinker Radio Program on WWIN Spirit 1400 AM every Tuesday at 12 noon, then you know my passion for supporting you in creating a happier, healthier, more meaningful life! I strongly believe in and share natural alternatives that give your body what it needs so that it can heal itself. There are several things that cause allergies or allergic type symptoms. Click on the audio player above and receive information that will prepare your body for allergy season! My life's work is to make your life better! Remember, it's not what you're going through, but how you're viewing it! ~Think Attractively! Think Attractively!



toni in studio smHow To Breathe In The Midst of Overwhelm
April 9, 2013

Great Day, Attractive Thinker!

Are you overwhelmed? ...with life and it's responsibilities that keep pilin up? ... with trying to pursue your goals year in and year out? ...with trying to meet everyone else's needs while your needs go unmet? Some of the signs of overwhelm are exhaustion, frustration, confusion, sadness, lack of motivation, and anxiety. Click on the audio above to receive the tips and tools that you need to have in place so that you can bring more balance and focus into your day so that you can continue to create a happier, healthier, more meaningful life!




Tichet Bradshaw

Minimize Depression with Nutrition!

April 16, 2013

Do you frequently feel worthless, have trouble sleeping, lack energy, or have lost interest in the things that used to be pleasurable? Do feel guilty, find it difficult to concentrate, or constantly have negative thoughts, think about past mistakes, or everything that is wrong. Many Americans are dealing with depression, children and adults alike. Children may experience changes in their sleep patterns, behavior, or homework and classroom activities.

Tichet Bradshaw is a freelance web designer and digital artist. As a result of the support she received from The attractive Thinker, she has taken her experiences, pulled the gems from them, and is producing images that speak instead of just something to look at.

Tichet who has overcome depression has dedicated her life to providing support to those experiencing depression and she shows them how if they don't die in their process, they will see their pain reveal their purpose and lead them to an abundant life and a living testimony, that we were all created to be more than conquerors!

Click on the audio above to hear Tichet's powerful story on how she overcame depression and some important nutritional supplements that must be in place to minimize depression! ~Think Attractively!



toni in studio smMalnutrition... It's Not Just About Food!
April 23, 2013


Great Day, Attractive Thinker!

Do you realize there are other things that nourish you besides food? Pay close attention to the information shared in this audio recording! Have you ever consumed a meal, just to stop by the fast food place and order another one? Do you feel like you're eating healthy and still not seeing the results you're looking for? Click on the audio above and find out why? ~Think Attractively!



toni in studio sm3 Steps to Expedite Change!

May 21, 2013


Great Day, Attractive Thinker!

We all at one point in our lives feel the urge, hear the subtle whispers,and know within our hearts that it's time to change! How is it that the entire world is based on change, yet we as a people have the tendency to resist change? Change is not only a part of life, it is essential if we are to reach our fullest potential and discover and release our authentic gifts in the earth! Click on the audio above to discover 3 steps that will assist you and expedite the change that you are pursuing in your life! ~ Think Attractively!



toni in studio smThere Is So Much More Inside of You!

May 28, 2013


Great Day, Attractive Thinker!

Think about this for a moment... You are walking around with something inside of you that will outlive you if you develop it! You are multi-talented, creative, full of the very answers that you have been praying for for years! All of us have "IT"! Some settle for mediocrity, while there are those who understand clearly that it is time to unleash my authentic ability to create a life that reflects my true value system! It's all inside of you, Attractive Thinker! Click on the audio above, listen, take notes and most of all Take Action! ~Think Attractively



toni in studio smControl Your Emotions!

July 9, 2013


Great Day, Attractive Thinker!

Do you realize that one simple decision can shift your entire life? How do you respond when "Life" shows up at your front door? You do have a choice, you know... Listen to the audio above to discover the tools necessary to hold onto your declaration! "Today, I decide to be happy! ~Think Attractively!"



Yvonne Chihak smInvest In Your Passion! You Can Have It All!

December 3, 2013


Great Day, Attractive Thinker!

Yvonne Chihak is a Business/Success Coach, Speaker, wife, mom of 3 fabulous children, and Author of "How To Grow Money From the Inside Out!" As the founder of Mogul Mom Academy and Club, she supports BOLD, GUTSY women who have HUGE dreams and are not afraid to tap into their inner woo woo!

In Yvonne's coaching practice, she combines universal principles, mindset, and strategic business systems to help women entrepreneurs to create 6-figure incomes. This former high school teacher holds a Masters Degree in Teaching and Leadership.Grab your FREE copy of Yvonne's Audio, Unleash Your Inner Mogul at http://MogulMomFreeCD.com


Dr Diane Eubanks Moore"The Key to Prosperity"

Her Excellency, the Honorable Ambassador Rev. Dr. Diane Moore-Eubanks JD OEA

January 4, 2014


Great Day, Attractive Thinker!

Financial Doctor, Diane Her Excellency, the Honorable Ambassador Rev. Dr. Diane Moore-Eubanks JD OEA is CICA Vice President over Strategic Planning & Graduations and the FOUNDING Principal of Financial Empowerment Awards & Coaching Series. She is theVice President over Strategic Planning, Fundraising, and Graduations of the Canadian International Chaplaincy Association (CICA) University and Seminary, A FULLY ACCREDITED UNIVERSITY IN HOUSTON TEXAS.

She has been a Lawyer, Real Estate Investor, and Licensed Insurance Agent who manages the insurance/retirement portfolios of individuals, business owners, and families in the states of New York, Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida. Dr. Diane Eubanks-Moore is affiliated with a company who handles Real Estate Transactions in all 50 states. She has conducted over 3,500 residential and commercial real estate transactions in Maryland, District of Columbia, and Virginia as a lawyer as well as co-managed a Real Estate Company of 200 agents and a mortgage company of 12 agents. She is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center (USA), Norman Manley Law School (JAMAICA), Florida State University (BSc. Chemical Science minor Biology Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa) and the University of Florida (Teachers Certification). Dr. Diane Eubanks-Moore's legal career started as an Intern at Black Entertainment Television under the supervision of Attorney Lisa Anderson who directly reported to Attorney Deborah Lee (current President of BET). She then worked full-time at the Department


Tuesday JordanTuesday Jordan Interview!

April 29, 2014


Great Day, Attractive Thinker!

Kolour Me Beautiful specializes in all things beautiful from spectacular make up artistry, phenomenal hair styling, and personal styling from head to toe. We are excited to launch our Amazing Cosmetic Company in June 2014! Kolour Me Beautiful doesn't just stop there, we also have an EXCLUSIVE line of nail polish, *B*E*L*L*A*M*Y* with a wide variety of styles and Kolours to choose from. We carry a selection of new and trendy styles of sunglasses and personality glasses. We are so proud to announce our NEW *ANDREUS DECARLO * leather line of high fashion shades that will be "debuting" in June as well. The creative mind behind this brand is CEO, Tuesday Jordan-Phillips, a Certified Makeup Artist, a Licensed Cosmetologist, and a connoisseur of unique styles.

Tuesday's versatility has helped her create various looks using hair, makeup, and runway style clothing looks to inspire the best you. As a makeup artist, she was taught by celebrity artists Reggie Wells (Oprah's Make Up Artist for 30+ years) who has beat the faces of other celebrities such as Destiny's Child, Lauren London, Beyonce, and Vivica A. Fox just to name a few. Her creativity, desire, and drive set her apart from all the rest. CEO/Tuesday Jordan-Phillips http://www.kolourmebeautiful.com/ 



To Schedule Your FREE Get Unstuck Coaching Session, Click Here!

See Past the Pain to Your Purpose!

Renew Your Hope!  Reignite Your Fire!

Get Clear on the Next Steps to Reaching Your Goals!

My Life's Work Is To Make Your Life Better!

 Remember,  "It's Not What You're Going Through, But How You're Viewing It!"

  ~Think Attractively!